But, who am I really?

I’m a dad, husband, television Graphic Designer, and fine artist who has been living in the Atlanta Georgia metro area for over 20 years (discounting a brief forray into the Midwest...).

Lately I’ve been doing some commercial illustration work, from the more traditional editorial work, to a 3D rendered style.

I also had created the weekly comic strip called “Grumbles,” which ran for 6 and a half years in Atlanta's Sunday Paper.

My wife is Rebecca Burns, one heck of a writer, a great mom, my soulmate, Deputy Editor of Atlanta Magazine, and one fabulous babe.

My daughter is smart, clever, beautiful and a joy to be around. You’ll forgive me if I don’t share her with you.

My brother John also lives in Atlanta, Georgia and does graphic design. He taught me a huge part of what I know, professionally.

My sister Leslie lives in San Diego, California where she’s a consultant to photographers, illustrators, designers, and writers.

Some of my observations on the strange things I had found whilst we lived in the Midwest can be found at a site I made entitled Strange Indiana.

Words and images Copyright © 2014 by James Burns. No reuse of this material is allowed without written permission.