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What can I do for you?

I’m a graphic designer who has created television graphics (and other dynamic media) over my 25-some year career.

I specialize in solving problems; whether they’re design problems, technical matters, or workflow issues. I’ve done standards-compliant web design, logo design, interactive design, 3D motion graphics, Illustration, app coding and design, user interface design, packaging design, lenticular imaging, and more. Heck! I even make comics.

I’m a great believer in the adage that design isn’t about how something looks... It’s about how it works.

What can I help you with?

Recent work

I recently did a graphics package for Seed Life Skills, a very worthy not-for-profit here in Athens that is all about educating folks about useful life skills - shopping, cooking, and budgeting for a household.

What you can find here...

The motion design section takes you to my demo reel, which displays the variety of animation I’ve done over the years.

Training talks about how I can do on-site graphics software training at your business, making your team more productive. I can set up courses for the Creative Cloud; including After Effects, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop, as well as a hands-on course for Cinema4D

Interactive is a section that shows you my webdesign, as well as my other user interface work. I’m a great believer in creating sites that use the latest HTML5 standards, incorporating responsive techniques to make your sites read well on mobile devices.

Logos is a section that shows you the branding and logo design work I’ve done. Good design starts with creating a flexible, unique mark.

I’ve always had an interest in teaching and have written about creating television graphics and 3D graphics over the years. Tips takes you to a collection of those articles, including a glossary of terms.

Lastly, the contact section lets you know how to reach me.

Thanks for stopping by.