Interactive & website design

User interface design is simply design stripped to the bare essentials; how do people use the product, how do you communicate your ideas, and what works with the technology.

Recent work

I recently did a a total website redesign for Seed Life Skills, a very worthy not-for-profit here in Athens that is all about educating folks about useful life skills - shopping, cooking, and budgeting for a household.

The site is responsive, and was lovingly coded by hand.

Here are some examples.

Website design

I'm a believer that a website should load quickly, read well in a variety of browsers, be responsive, degrade gracefully, and embrace web standards.

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AT&T Interactive user interface

These designs for a proposed user interface were designed and implemented in conjunction with jcbD.


This was designed to be used as a consumer home set-top box interface, to be navigated by a standard remote control.