What’s New?

You can find my latest demo reel here.

My most recent autobiographical comic, "Speechless," is out. More details here!

The entire run of six and a half year‘s worth of Grumbles is archived here!

Here’s a link to my 80-page, 12 story comics anthology, entitled Real Magicalism.

I’ve added some new material to my Brain Dump section, where I share code and ideas.

What I can do for you.

I’m a graphic designer who has created television graphics (and other dynamic media) over my 25-some year career. I specialize in solving problems; whether they’re design problems, technical matters, or workflow issues. I’ve done standards-compliant web design, logo design, interactive design, 3D motion graphics, user interface design, packaging design, lenticular imaging, and more. What can I help you with?

What you can find here...

The experience section explains what I know, and what I have to offer you.

Examples are examples of my work; including my illustrative work, logo design, samples of some 3D objects I’ve created, and a web version of my television graphics demo reel.

Apps is a section devoted to the iOS applications I've written, including Gibberish Generator and RoboHaiku.

Tricks takes you to a collection of somewhat dated articles about 3D and television graphics that I’ve written over the years, including a glossary of terms. Here you’ll also find some free utility software.

The personal section talks about me and my family, and contact tells you how to get in touch with me.

Enjoy yourself.

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